Doggerland is also a folk trio based in the border area between Norway and Sweden. Consisting of two Swedes and one Englishman based in Norway, the trio’s focus is the common musical heritage of the North Sea and the lands around it. Whether they performing polskas or reels, ballads or shanties, Doggerland play and sing with verve and virtuosity. Richard Burgess’s powerful voice and concertina, Jenny Gustafsson’s charismatic fiddle and Anders Ådin’s rhythmic hurdy-gurdy and delicate guitar-playing combine to make a unique and exciting sound.

In 2017 Doggerland released the CD No Sadness of Farewell (Gammalthea SEWJN38) - to critical acclaim.

Here is a video featuring a recording session Doggerland did in the Swedish Koster Islands in November 2015: