A North Sea Christmas is an annual concert performed at St. Croix House in Fredrikstad by Richard and his daughters Marthe and  Miriam along with folk music friends from Norway and Sweden. It consists of folk songs with a Christmas connection from both sides of the North Sea, both religious and secular. The combination of powerful harmonies, rhythmic drive and a relaxed atmosphere have made the concert a popular tradition in in the town. In 2017 the concert was also performed in Oslo. 

The ensemble varies slightly from year to year, but the permanent members are:

Richard Burgess (voice, guitar, concertina), Marthe Øidvin Burgess (voice), Miriam Øidvin Burgess (sang), Kristin Carlsson (sang), Jon Buer (sang), Tore Lia (sang, kontrabass), Anders Ådin (guitar, hurdy-gurdy, Jenny Gustafsson (fiddle).  

The clip below is from 2014